Location: Underway to Mauritius

There are mixed emotions on Argo today as we hit the halfway mark of our trip, halfway through the week, and we just passed our halfway mark on this passage. No one is anywhere near ready to even think about leaving the ship in Cape Town. Luckily we still have half a trip left to continue experiencing more amazing things. Today the crew got a break from classes and spent the afternoon giving back to Argo with a little boat appreciation. The deck is spotless, and everyone is excited to enjoy some fresh linens. Argo is back to smelling less like a wet towel, thanks to some love and care. Everyone has gotten used to the rolling of the boat, and there are no recent reports of chundering from any of the crew. We have gotten into our routines and are now able to at least be semi-functional within 10 minutes of waking up, or at least functional enough to make it watch on time, though sometimes your pants may still end up on backward.