Location: Underway to Mauritius


The day began for me at four this morning, and after a healthy amount of rain and bow watch, I was definitely awake and ready for the day ahead. This morning’s showers, as character testing as they were, also gifted us with a double rainbow and a pretty spectacular sunrise through the clouds. The skies still hold an ominous look as rain clouds surround the good ship Argo, but the rain has a cleansing feeling to it as it washes all the salt of her decks. Today was another round of Emergency First Responder with Marina, and we can now all literally trust each other with our lives. Sort of. Shower time is quickly becoming a frigid part of the day as we spray ourselves down with the chilly ocean water in an attempt to feel clean. Today was especially chilly with the cloud cover, but we were all definitely more alive after shower time. Dinner, as usual, was a nice time to all come together and enjoy each other’s company. As the end of this passage comes into view, not even the rain can dampen the buzz of energy amongst the crew.