Location: Underway to Mauritius

Today I was woken up at 3:45 for watch at 4 AM. It was a great watch because the sunrises at 5:30 already so it wasn’t hard to stay awake. Last night we turned our clocks back an hour, which is why the sun rose so early today. During the night, we made good speed, around 9 to 10 knots. In the morning we saw some clouds coming but we where lucky it turned another way, and it didn’t hit us. For lunch, we had some chicken burritos that were very good and made by Manuela. Afterward, we got cleanup done. It was very wavy during that, so Tegan got a saltwater shower down below through a hatch because we were hit by a big wave. At class, we first had an OCB (marine biology) test, which was not that easy and created much discussion afterward. In the SLS class (leadership), we watch a movie seven years in Tibet, which was very relaxed after the test. Everyone enjoyed that, but in the middle, we had to stop for shower time, which we weren’t happy about. Showers were cold as usual but without rain today, which was good. For dinner, we had pasta. The squeeze question was to tell which kind of dog would be the person next to you. We had many funny answers about mixed breeds. Now we have a study hall, and everyone is studying because we have an MTE (basic seamanship) Radio Test tomorrow, and we had to finish a biology paper when we arrive in Mauritius. We should be arriving at 528 nm, which means only 2 to 3 days left.