Location: Underway to Mauritius

Another great day of passage on Argo! The weather cleared up this morning, so we had a sunny, clear day of sailing. We had to adjust our course last night to accommodate the wind, so, unfortunately, our arrival to Mauritius has been delayed slightly as we are going to sail on our new course and then gybe to be on a straight course to Mauritius. After lunch today, we had our VHF Radio operator exam in MTE, which is another step towards being able to sailboats independently. I know there was lots of studying for that exam going on, so hopefully, everyone passed and can get certified! This was followed by OCE (oceanography) and a movie afternoon in the saloon finishing 7 Years in Tibet. Following the class, we had our usual rolling deck shower experience and some free time. The highlight of the day was definitely the surprise brownies for dessert, so thanks, chefs! After dinner tonight, we did some sail handling ” dropped the forward staysail, raised the jib sail, and gybed twice to see what the best way to hold our course was. We then had our nightly study hall, where people are busy studying for the OCB(marine biology) species ID quiz tomorrow. Everyone is excited about our impending arrival to Mauritius, and people’s shopping lists for snacks have been posted on the water-tight doors throughout the boat. It’s crazy to look at the charts and see how far across the Indian we have sailed!

I think everyone is enjoying the routine of passage now, and with midterms and paper due dates coming up in Mauritius, the boat seems to be running very efficiently by a very studious crew. To all the parents, ” we will talk to you soon! Wifi and calling home are only second to snack shopping on people’s to-do lists in Mauritius.