Location: Ile Fourche

It has been a long day, and I’m fairly tired at this point. We have two groups of divers on the boat; my group and the advanced group. Today was my group’s last formal open water dive as we became certified open water divers. The advanced divers continue to work towards their next level of certification, which they will complete shortly. After lunch, we all enjoyed a fun dive where we got to actually explore the area around us. It was a new experience for me and one that I really enjoyed. We are at Ille Fourchue now, less than an hour away from St. Barths, where we have been for the past several days. It is quiet here, without the glamour of our French neighbor. We took in the beauty and had our makeshift cookout on board. After we downed our burgers, it was time for our nightly class. The main lesson today: navigation. It seemed pretty basic but still managed to be confusing at times. It is almost nine now and past our time for bed, up at five for our hike and for those interested in the answers to yesterday’s blog: 1 sunset, 2 sunsets, 3 sunsets, 4 sunrises.