Location: Saba

I feel like each morning that I wake up I can expect something different, between sleeping in right till someone wakes me up for breakfast, swimming in the morning, having a conversation with someone new or reading on deck. This morning we were woken up for a 5 AM sunrise hike to the top of Ille Fourche. The hike was optional and some stayed back, but I chose to go on the hike, solely because I figured there would be some good photo ops, which there were. Getting to the peak of the hike was not so easy though. Ille Fourche is not very big, no one lives on the island, and the hike we took had no trail so we pretty much scaled a very large hill. Kristina and I took our time going up. Holding my camera in one hand and steadying myself with the other, I think we were 25 minutes behind the boys. Getting to the top of the hill though, the view was pretty neat, besides the fact that it looked like we were on Mars Getting down, I slid on my bum for part of the way, not an easy task of walking straight down when you are surrounded by a million rocks. After the hike we set sail to Saba this morning. We didn’t do much after we got to Saba, studied a little, stared at a dude’s boat that was on the wrong mooring, and took a swim before dinner, but I did get some good pictures of Saba and the swim. We haven’t gotten off the boat to explore Saba yet, but I am looking forward to tomorrow’s hike, which should be pretty intense; I can see the stairs that we have to climb and it closely resembles the stairs of the Great Wall of China.