Location: Saba

Tonight, my question to the group was about challenges – what has been your biggest challenge over the past 17 days? The answers were varied, ranging from physical feats to the mindset brought about by living in a completely new situation. It got me thinking about how many new and challenging things we have been doing each day and just accept as normal. On day 17 alone we faced: a 540 step “ladder,” hiking to the top of the highest point in the Dutch territories, making glass beads with a kooky ex-pat, the rigors of finding our way across a ragged, craggy island and getting back into a dinghy – which is more difficult than it sounds for the shorter statured among us. Our day wasn’t done yet – we still had to get past final exams, the difficulties of not eating too many quesadillas and getting ready for passage back to the BVI. When you put it all together, it’s little wonder that we crash into our beds each night, happy, tired and ready for the next day.