Location: Peter Island

Today we celebrated the Birthday of our great nation,’ we’ being a loose term excluding Tasty and Jack, who are of British descent. Annie kicked off the morning by blasting her ‘America’ playlist featuring contemporary country music that succeeded in pumping everyone up to the extent that the entire crew adorned themselves in red, white, and blue and requested a photo shoot on the bowsprit. Following the morning’s nationalistic festivities, the advanced dive class went out on a deep-water wreck dive. In contrast, the open water group, including myself, took the dinghy to salt Island about 200 yards off our anchor point. The Island featured a reasonably large salt lake and the ruins of a small encampment that seems to have been abandoned. Robby, Hannah, and I ventured across the Island to a small rocky beach where a protective pair of seagulls decided to swoop down at us repeatedly.

Meanwhile, the advanced group dove into the HMS Rhone wreck sight and saw a number of stingrays and sea turtles. Leanna, who is currently shoulder hovering, claims to have battled a fearsome shark and saved the group with her reckless courage, but I cannot attest to the truth of these events as I am merely a humble, open-water diver. After the advanced group completed their dive, the open water group, including myself, executed a similar yet more mundane version of the same dive but were fortunate enough to see a lionfish and a barracuda and swam through the hull of the old wreck. This evening master chef Hannah and accompanying chefs Amanda and Chip cooked thanksgiving dinner with the mindset of efficiently killing off both American holidays in one 24-hour period. The Turkey dressing was superb, to say the least. To add to the festivities, we are currently eagerly anticipating the marriage of Ashley and Chip, whose feigned engagement dates back to the torrid shores of St. Barthes. Their love is true, strong, and should last all the way until we leave in approximately 48 hours (tears). I hope you all are having a wonderful 4th of July. We certainly are.

All the best,
Garrett (Skipper)