Location: Virgin Gorda

After a perfect night of sailing on a broad reach between Saba and Tortola, we were welcomed to the British Virgin Islands by a stiff breeze and choppy seas. It was a rocky couple of hours both on deck and below, but the angry dark clouds were soon burned away by a beautiful bright sunset and Round Rock Passage hove into view complete with a double rainbow as an arch. What started as a strong breeze gradually died, and as we ghosted into Virgin Gorda, all sails and the anchor was dropped simultaneously by the now seasoned sailors on board the good ship Ocean Star. Robbie and Garrett treated us to a cooked breakfast of pancakes and cornbread. The usual formalities of clearing customs were undertaken by Monika while the rest of the crew caught up on sleep and busied themselves around the boat. It was soon time to head ashore and explore The Baths. The beautiful natural playground that makes the Baths was a perfect place to spend the morning unwinding on what had turned into a glorious day. The shipmates ducked and swam through the maze of caves and grottos before jumping from the rocks into the crystal clear waters and relaxing on the beach. Lunch was had back onboard before the anchor was hauled back on deck, and we set off for Peter Island, where we spent the night on Ocean Star’s mooring ball. As we rounded the headland and entered the bay, we were greeted by the ActionQuest fleet riding at anchor. Many warm welcomes were conveyed over the VHF and by dinghy. Twenty days have gone by in the blink of an eye, and Ocean Star has arrived home safely once again with her intrepid sailors, divers, and explorers ready for the next adventure to begin. So ends this day.

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