Location: Saba

We entered the beautiful lands of Saba early this morning after enduring an eventful night’s sail. The steep cliffs and blue waters created spectacular views and great picture moments. After feasting on a breakfast of cereal, we teamed up with Sea Saba for some diving. For the Advanced Open Water students, the mission was deep diving. At 100ft, we completed a couple of skills and then were free to enjoy the marine life of Saba. Three Caribbean Reef Sharks and a humongous Nurse Shark were sighted, along with an array of equally spectacular corrals and fish throughout the dive. The mission for the remaining Open Water Students was fun diving. They also encountered sharks and a gigantic Grouper; a good time was had by all. Some shipmates decided to conquer a steep set of stairs infamously named The Ladder; some even ventured to the top of an old Volcano. Once dinner was demolished, we set sail back to the BVI’s, narrowly evading a downpour of unwanted rain. The sunset, as we hoisted the sails, created an impeccable backdrop of sky and sea. Watch teams gathered for night shifts, then retreat back to bed once the next team was present.

Over and Out
Jack Tasty