Location: Antigua

Today marked Oceanstar’s final day in port at Antigua. The day was hectic as the crew sought to balance some final on-shore activities with passage prep for Saba. The day began with breakfast on board, followed by a morning hike from English Harbour to nearby Pigeon Beach. The walking trail led first to Fort Berkeley Point, an old fort used by the British to defend English Harbour from their enemies. The fort looks out over the mouth to English Harbour and provides a wonderful view of the surrounding area. From Fort Berkely, the trail heads upwards along the coastline to several more lookout points. Along the trail, we saw several packs of wild goats before finally arriving at Pigeon Beach. From here, several members of the crew took a dip in the clear blue water while others went to stock up on some final groceries and land showers before passage. In the afternoon, we began MTE class during which we learned about the laws of the water, emergency procedures onboard, and other nautical terms necessary to complete our Competent Crew Certification. After MTE training, the advanced divers headed to complete another dive necessary for their advanced certification while others stayed behind to help prepare Ocean Star for passage to Saba. Upon their dive, staff members Tasty and Jack brought home a surprise addition to the crew’s dinner, two lionfish they had captured on the dive. Before we began passage, the crew learned some bad news, and beloved crew member Jake Long had to return home for family reasons. We wish him the best, and he will be missed dearly. Around 6:00 PM Ocean Star set out to Saba, leaving Antigua behind.