Location: Tonga

We woke up this morning to a much-needed breakfast cake after a serious night of standing up for what’s right and saying what must be said. Students and staff have started to feel the sad loss we face in the departure of one of our crew. To James, our first mate, our mentor, our friend, we miss you and hope your travels are just as exciting as you made our trip. As the day went by, we slowly released tension and managed to say jokes and crack smiles. Talks were had, and time was spent starting to repair trust with each other. Most of the day we spent preparing ourselves for the voyage to come and building excitement to set sail for an island I have only ever dreamed of going to Fiji! Dive gear was crammed into the laz, personal gear started to be picked up from all parts of the boat, and she started to look more and more 40/40. Ready for high winds and rough seas! Lunch was a hit (THANK YOU, MARGOOO), and everyone enjoyed a nice afternoon rain cooling the heat that is starting to burn our faces.

After lunch, the group got to go on land and explore the home of local whale tour guides. What was interesting about this is that the home was completely made up of recycled materials and second-hand appliances. With much innovation and imagination, these people were able to create the dream home of every eco-warrior. Plus, the view from the house was absolutely gorgeous, and guess who was anchored right in this view? Haha! You are right! Our beautiful home Argo!!! And as always, we had quite an adventure during our ride back home. Once back on board, we enjoyed showering in the golden mist of rain that the sky created by the vibrant Tongan sunset. Oh, and for the first time onboard, we had steak. Oh, man, did I miss meat! After my third plate, I bragged about my food baby to my vegetarian friend Cat. She was not amused. To end the day, we celebrated Dani with yet again another fantastic chocolate cake made by the staff. An absurd amount of rainbow sprinkles topped off a great cake and a great evening all in all, another good day on Argo.
Also, shout out to my other half, Soph thank you for the hype 😛 <3

Pictured: Our ride to the eco home,
The eco-house (the wall is made entirely of plastic water bottles filled with crushed up glass bottles)
The view of the eco-house featuring Argo and myself
The golden mist of Tonga