Location: Underway to Fiji

This morning started in a rather unusual way. I was woken up by Steph, who kindly reminded me I was the skipper today and was supposed to wake up everybody else. The sunrise was mesmerizing, and the water around Argo was flat like a lagoon. After having a quick cereal breakfast, we moved Argo from the anchorage back to the dock in Tonga to clear customs. While waiting, we picked up our custom-made Argo t-shirts from a local shop. We had spicy rice and curry lunch while on the dock, and we quickly got on our way to Savusavu, Fiji, expecting to arrive there very early on Saturday morning.

The weather today was sunny all day long, and the seas were calm. We switched our watch teams today, and we are all very excited to spend more time with different people and get to know them better. We got a surprise fire drill to go over the responsibilities of our new watch teams. We also had our Seamanship VHF exam and a very interesting marine biology lecture. The day ended with a delicious dinner under the full moon, which lit up the sky.

I have to admit; there has been a lot going on onboard lately. Having recently lost one of our mates, James caused a lot of tension amongst staff and students. However, everybody’s positivity and openness to the discussion have made the transition smoother. Overall, living and studying onboard Argo has been a voyage into the unknown, with a lesson in humility, waiting at every stop. We have learned that no matter how experienced you are on the boat, chances are you are always doing something wrong. We have all learned from our endless mistakes and are close to almost flawlessly navigating the vessel.

This trip is going by really fast; we only have 35 days left…Through all the sleepless nights and the long, exciting days, we have come to find ourselves where we are now: excited for Fiji and what’s to come next.

P.S. Euxaristo gia ola mama kai baba, I stiriksi sas simenei ta panta, sas latrevo (Thanks for all mom and babe, your support is everything, I adore you)

Pictured: Sunrise in Tonga: Emily, Lucy, and Danny during the fire drill: Argo.

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