Location: Underway to Fiji

The day started off with oatmeal for breakfast as the crew continued to rotate through watch. Watch was a little different last night because we had switched up the groups for the rest of the semester, but so far, it was off to a good start. It was so fun to get to bond and talk with the new members of our watch team because although we are all on the same boat, it is surprisingly easy to miss out on quality time with some people because we are on opposite schedules during the passage. Life on passage consists of sitting on watch, class, eating, and sleeping all other hours of the day or night. Today I had a very good conversation with Coral on bow watch and then received some great advice from Margaux while I was at the helm. After everyone woke up, some students worked on writing their marine biology paper while others studied for the oceanography quiz. All morning the sailing was very relaxing because the sea was calm and the sun was out. After hanging out and getting some work done, we enjoyed a delicious lunch cooked by Rhea, Tim, and Danny. The day continued with a quick clean-up, and then the students all sat down and took the oceanography quiz. After the quiz, we all handed in our oceanography groups research project hypotheses to Amanda, and Steph and Shelby began teaching us about the emergency first response. We all practiced CPR and learned the proper techniques for dealing with an unresponsive person. CPR involved us practicing on dummies and practicing how to roll someone over with each other. We finished EFR class for the day by completing a knowledge review from the textbook and then broke into showers on deck. We ate dinner tonight as the sun was setting, which was absolutely beautiful. The chefs cooked honey mustard chicken with rice and taro. They did a great job! After dinner, the crew finished clean-up and then broke back into watch routine for the rest of the night.

Pictured: Fun times in EFR class/practicing CPR.

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