Location: Underway to Fiji

My day started early this morning, as watch team one took over at midnight. The past couple of days underway have been extremely pleasant, and the early hours were no exception. Moonlight beamed down on us so brightly that even the stars became a bit harder to see, though our path continued to be illuminated. Conversations are an important part of keeping everyone awake at odd hours, and we can’t forget snacks! A few hours in, we decided to get ourselves moving, and all took part in a stretch and mini workout session. You don’t realize just how little you sometimes move when underway until you get your blood flowing. Relieved by the next watch team before the sun came up, we withdrew to our bunks for a few hours of sleep. Lunch prompted us to arise, as the smell of cornbread and tortilla soup wafted through the cabins. Meal times are a nice way to get to catch up with those, not on our watch teams since we spend so much time apart when underway.

Once done with cleanup, we met down in the salon to finish up the EFR course we had started yesterday. Moving on to secondary care, everyone learned about non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses that one might deal with an emergency. Buddy pairs were formed, and they practiced everything from a full injury assessment to bandaging, using slings, and applying splints. We encouraged that everyone thought outside of the box when dealing with an emergency and asked that they try and find non-ordinary items make splints from. My favorite was Lucy’s new and improved bionic leg splint! After a quick break, once the EFR course was done, those taking marine biology met back in the salon for a lecture on echinoderms (e.g., sea stars, urchins, etc.) and crustaceans (e.g., crabs!). Before leaving for Fiji, there was a lab in marine biology in which many different organisms were observed, and it was cool to learn more about them in class today before being quizzed on them in the upcoming exam. The afternoon was finished off by deck showers and a timely and delicious dinner of shepherd’s pie, complete with a beautiful sunset. Moving back into watches, we hope to arrive this evening in Fiji and drop anchor, eagerly awaiting our new morning views!

Pictured: Henry bandaged up by Danny, Emily’s leg splint courtesy of Coral, and Lucy’s bionic leg splint.

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