Location: Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji

Today, we woke up in Fiji! My watch team, watch team one, put the anchors down around midnight the previous evening. Waking people up was easy this morning after I reminded them this would be the only July 20, 2019, they will ever have, so it might be well carpe diem. The head chef, Ryan, whipped up some banana bread for breakfast, complete with green food coloring, sprinkles, and icing. After eating this, the crew bonded over shared sugar highs and stomachaches. Then, it was time for some boat appreciation. Bunks were cleaned, floors scrubbed, and stainless steel polished. By the time customs arrived, they had no idea Argo had just finished a passage. In the intermittent time between boat appreciation and customs’ arrival, the crew studied for tomorrow’s Oceanography exam or procrastinated studying for the oceanography exam. Our chef team then made breakfast for lunch, which all of the crew enjoyed. After everyone had eaten their fill of pancakes and eggs, the marine biology students took their first species ID quiz and turned in their climate change communication essays.

Finally, Doctor (one of our top two favorite dinghies) was dropped into the water, and shore time commenced. The local area is great to explore and has many good restaurants and places to buy souvenirs. After an afternoon of eating and discovery, many came back with empty wallets, full stomachs, and some carved wooden turtles. To end the day, we had our first Navigation Master class, where we learned North isn’t reliably fixed in one location. We now all know how to compensate for this. To end the night, some opted for studying while others were taking late-night swims/ocean showers. July 20, 2019, was adequately seized, and here’s to seven more days in Fiji!

PS Hey family, I hope you guys and the animals are having a blast, ’cause I sure am in Fiji. #nottorubitinbut…

Argo looking majestic in her new anchorage.
Future navigation masters conquering North’s inconsistency.
The exclusive late-night swimming gang.