Location: Fiji

Today we started off the day with an amazing breakfast cooked by Amanda. Soon after breakfast, the heavens opened up, and it started pouring rain. Everyone ran for cover, except for the dishy pit crew that steadfastly finished washing the dishes from breakfast. We then spent our leadership class improving our teamwork. Since it was still raining hard, Shelby had us complete our tasks for class down below. The 17 students crammed into the salon and stood in a circle. We grabbed the hand of someone not standing next to us and formed a human knot. Then we spent the better part of an hour working on untying ourselves. It was very difficult, to say the least, and there was a bit of bickering about how to complete it; However, when we completed it, we felt so accomplished, and we became even closer as a group. When that was done, we split into four groups to complete the “Marshmallow Challenge.” We were given dry spaghetti noodles, string, tape, and a marshmallow. It turns out real marshmallows are somewhat hard to come by in the supermarkets in Fiji, so instead, we simulated a marshmallow with other light objects. This challenge gives the group 20 minutes to use the materials given in order to make the tallest structure that can support the marshmallow. After 20 minutes, I looked around and noticed everyone smiling and laughing, even though none of the groups successfully made a tower that could hold the marshmallow. We then discussed different leadership and teamwork strategies that we used or could have used to help make us more successful.

After a great lunch, students going into the next level of diving started the Rescue course. It was a long hour and a half video followed by five knowledge reviews. Many students were feeling very sleepy due to the soothing sounds of the continued rain on deck; however, we were also excited to learn more about diving. We are learning to be concerned for other people while diving as opposed to just ourselves.

We finished the day a little differently than normal. It was STILL raining, so we served and ate dinner down below in the salon. With the sounds of the rain above us, we had a cozy dinner, laughing and feeling like a family.

Pictured: The group trying to untangle themselves during the human knot; Rescue diver class, Kari feeling a bit sleepy in class; fresh rolls that we had as part of our cozy down below dinner.