Location: Savusavu, Fiji

As we always say here at Seamester, our schedule is set in JELLO, and today was definitely no exception to that phrase. While Ian was onshore getting a cruising permit to move to the island of Taveuni (part of the Northern Territories of Fiji), Tim and the shipmates diligently worked to passage prep our beloved Argo for a day sail that would get us in around dinner time. Plot twist! The permit took longer than expected and would not be finished until the afternoon, so we switched modes and decided to get into some academics. Amanda, Steph, and I (Shelby) went to town to provision the boat for the rest of our time in Fiji. We got to stock up on loads of fresh vegetables and fruit that were grown here in the Northern Territories! The morning was nice and mellow, giving all of the shipmates time to study, finish up their rough drafts for their paper due in Oceanography, and work on some worksheets for Seamanship. After Lucy, along with her sous chef Raul, cooked everyone an amazing lunch of Pad Thai, everyone was pleasantly full, and it was time to finish the theoretical side of the Emergency First Responder course. All 17 took the Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care final and passed! We went over the answers to those questions that were missed, so everyone fully got to understand the material of the course.

Once the exams were out of the way, those taking the PADI Rescue course got to go through the Oxygen Provider course and familiarize themselves with some of the emergency kits we keep on board. Amanda and I demonstrated how to set up and break down the oxygen kit and talk through the different types of masks, flow rates, and hoses that can be used. Every shipmate in the course got to run through responding to different types of patients and had to set up the kit accordingly with the appropriate mask. Everyone passed with flying colors and had fun doing it as well. A few even took on the challenge to set up the equipment blindfolded! While the Rescue divers were going through their course, the soon-to-be Divemasters were practicing their rescue skills in the water with Tim. They were responding to unresponsive divers, administering rescue breaths at the surface, and pulling the divers up into the dinghy to start CPR. All of this was done in practice, of course, and no students were harmed in any of the scenarios listed above. Our final group of students, Panos, Ryan, and Raul, were all taken to shore to start collecting data for their projects due towards the end of the semester for Oceanography.

The shipmates were able to go to shore for a nice dinner out together in Savusavu before coming back, having Oceanography, and then prepping the boat for a 22:00 departure. We set sail into the night and broke out into watch teams. Watch team 1 start the watch cycle and get the sails up under the great leadership of Frank!

Overall, we managed not to lose any time on our program and actually got ahead of schedule with everything we were able to accomplish! Definitely a successful, very full day.

Thanks for reading!

Pictured: Amanda’s view of Argo on her way back with the first round of provisions; Henry, Tim, and Lucy about to get in the water; Henry giant striding off of Argo; Cat giant striding; Evan, Sam, Kari, Emily, Anastacia, Garrison, and Coral finishing up their oxygen provider skills; Evan putting the )2 kit together blindfolded with a little coaching from Amanda; cool sunset before dinner.