Location: Somosomo, Taveuni, Fiji

Today was a tough wake up for the crew since we started our passage to Taveuni late last night ~11 pm. Fresh fruit to start the day was just the first of many appreciations. After breakfast cleanup, we dinghied over to the shore and made our way over to a park with hiking trails up to several waterfalls. The hike was filled with lush plants, an echo of the surrounding waterfalls and was surprisingly quiet, which was a direct result of how tired everyone was. The first waterfall the group spent time at was beautiful. Ryan had been eager to cliff jump on this trip from the moment he arrived, and the day finally had come. After eating our lunch spread out on rocks watching the waterfall, everyone jumped in for a swim and cycled through jumping off the cliff. For some, it came naturally, others needed encouragement, but by the time we had to wrap up our time at this waterfall, we had all taken the plunge. To continue the hike back down, we had to cut through another waterfall. The mist there was much more refreshing than the mist from the freshwater hose that’ll start-up and spray everyone in sight unexpectedly.

We returned to the base of the hike and spent some time in the waterfall here. Frank will most likely have a couple of souvenir bruises from his epic belly flop into the water. The hour-long car ride back gave us a well-needed cat nap before returning to Argo and getting started on showers and dinner. The day will finish off with a marine bio class, which will include many droopy eyelids. Our sleepiness is well earned, however, because we have completed another busy and amazing day on Argo.

Pictured: Waterfall; people climbing and jumping from the waterfall; Maddie and Cat in front of one of the falls; beautiful green views from the hike; partial group photo at our lunch hangout spot.