Location: Viani Bay, Vanua Levu, Fiji

We woke up this morning to the smell of eggs and potatoes and walked into the galley to see chefs Cat, Sam, and Emily working hard. After enjoying breakfast, we moved down below and had a leadership course with Shelby. We had a productive discussion with some interesting journaling, then everyone relaxed (except for the chefs) until lunch was ready. Some people took naps, and others tested their limits seeing how deep they could free dive together, remembering always to be safe. Then everyone came together and enjoyed the food.

After eating yet another delicious meal cooked by the chefs, we got ready to begin our in-water portion of the rescue diver certification with Shelby, Amanda, Steph, and Margaux. With everyone getting a chance to be both the hero and the victim, there were some good laughs. It was always hilarious to hear the different reasons people needed help. From Russians holding a magnet below Kari to Emily getting attacked by 20 sea turtles, we laughed while simultaneously learning how to save lives, a pretty good combo. We got out of the water still laughing about the different rescue scenarios and spent time further bonding, talking about Broadway plays while waiting for dinner. Dinner then completed the cycle of three great meals, and we went into our cleanup jobs full and enjoying life.

Tonight we will have a Seamanship class with Tim, where we are continuing to learn about chart work and coastal navigation in the NavMaster portion of our course. Our coursework for all of our classes is getting fast a furious now, so we are using all the spare minutes we have to do practice problems, study, work on papers and collect data.

Pictured: Rescue diver class practicing throws and in-water entries to help tired and panicked divers