Location: Viani Bay, Vanua Levu, Fiji

Today was a fun and busy day! Since it’s July 25th, we celebrated Christmas in July onboard. The Divemasters completed their simulated Discover Scuba Diving training where they took uncertified divers on an intro dive. They had guest appearances by “Squeak” and “Liam,” aka Raul and Tim, as their students. All had fun (and stress) because Squeak and Liam were quite feisty and a bit incompetent in the water.

The rescue divers, led by Shelby and Amanda, practiced many skills, such as surfacing an unresponsive diver and administering rescue breaths in the water. It was a looooong day in the water, and we were all a bit pruny at the end, but it was enjoyable, and everyone learned a ton. The rescue divers now only have two scenarios to complete to finish their certification, and the Divemaster candidates are just a few short exercises away from completing theirs as well.

Pictured: Amanda and Shelby demonstrating how to use a pocket mask to administer rescue breaths; more “serious fun” as the rescue divers practice in-water rescues of panicked, tired, and unresponsive divers at the surface; Ian wearing his Santa hat to celebrate Christmas in July; homemade Christmas decorations in the salon.