Location: Rainbow Reef, Fiji

The day began early for many of us as the clock passed midnight of the day before many of us studied for our marine biology exam. Fortunately, when the sun rose, we had the opportunity to have some out of class experiences with marine life. Garrison and I got to go for a quick research dive to collect water samples at different depths, and we all also got to fun dive! Some class concepts were reinforced as we dove the Rainbow Reef. Everyone was blown away by the diverse, natural beauty at the dive sight. It was unlike anything we have seen to date on this trip, and we have seen some magnificent underwater beauty. There were so many new corals and countless masses of fish. A few of us were even carried away as we struggled to fight the ripping current that flowed through the reef. This provided a challenge, particularly to our dive master candidates as they completed their final practical skill of leading a dive for their certification. As the dive groups rotated, we either studied or worked on our Oceanography experiments. After everyone had a chance to experience the reef, we went into passage preparation for our hop back to Vanua Levu, and then to the next major leg to Vanuatu. The crew worked competently in unison to set Argo up for the journey ahead. We took the marine biology exam as we set off into a rocky sea. We have been spoiled with calm seas lately, so it came as a surprise to many. As always, we had another packed, adventure-filled day on S/Y Argo.

Pictured: Garrison and I preparing for our research dive and giant striding off the cap rail; Sam and I processing the water samples we collected; a friendly dive boat stopping by to say hello while we were diving Rainbow Reef.