Location: Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji/Underway to Vanuatu

The day began with a cereal breakfast followed with the usual clean up. Afterward, Amanda led us through an oceanography lecture. For a majority of the remaining day, we had the option of going to shore until customs were cleared. From around 11-3, some of us toured the local market, while others ate lunch at a caf or stocked up on snacks for the upcoming passage to Vanuatu. When 3 oclock came around, we were dinghied back to Argo to begin passage prep. The boat was readied 40/40 as usual, and we then showered. The dinner bell tonight brought not only hungry stomachs but also the rain. Nothing beats a rainy dinner. As a wise poet of the name Taylor Swift once said, I dont know about you, but Im feeling 22, so we celebrated Anastacias 22nd birthday tonight and ate cookies for dessert. Now, we begin our 2nd to the last passage of our Argo adventure. It is crazy to think that on June 4th or 18th, we began our new life on board. Now, almost of the way into the trip, we laugh at how we once thought making it to Fiji seemed years away, and simultaneously, the trips end becomes more and more real as our schoolwork loads intensify At the end of this 4-5 day passage to Vanuatu, which will surely fly by, we will have arrived at our final stop before Australia. We leave the island of Fiji with countless new memories made, both on the land, boat, or under the sea. The island has been good to us, but it is now time to go. Once again, into the Pacific, we sail.

Pictured: Garrison stocking up on passage snacks; Shelby, Raul, and Tim getting reefing lines set for our sail; Sam leading passage prep.

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