Location: Underway to Vanuatu

What a blast Fiji has been. We’ve had some cracking diving, met some fantastic people, and been treated to some incredible anchorages over the last week. Even now it’s the gift that just keeps on giving – we’re still motor sailing our way around the coast of Viti Levu, and as a result of both it and the other outlying islands we’ve had pretty much no sea state since having left last night, making the first upwind part of our passage super smooth. After a night of ducking and weaving our way through a series of islands and reefs in some misty rain, boatmeal (porridge) and ramen (not in combination) made a welcomingly warm and hearty start to a distinctly un-tropical day. However, it’s cracking to be back on passage, making good headway, and getting stuck back into life underway. After a terrific chicken salad lunch, courtesy of Shelby and Henry, oceanography led the academic charge for the afternoon, covering topics including tides and longshore drift. Next up was seamanship where Tim’s whiteboard skills continue to shock and awe all fortunate enough to come across them as we had a look at determining compass deviation using objects in transit and fixing a position using three bearings taken from distinctive landmarks.

Tonight we should make our way once more beyond sight of land as we wend our way over to Vanuatu sometime around midweek. Now it sounds like an awesome spot, and one which I’ve wanted to visit for a while now, but as the end starts to draw within sight these last few spots certainly have a lot to live up to.

Pictured: Henry at the helm accompanied by Shelby, with Steph in the background; the crew getting things done on deck; Sam. Maddie, and Cat hanging out at midships.

Current position: 1824.61’S x 17735.95’E