Location: Underway to Vanuatu

Today marks the beginning of the final rotation of the job wheel (tears!), meaning we have less than a month remaining on Argo. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we celebrated with the most exciting thing we could think of – turning in oceanography papers at midnight! Because of the watch schedule today, my “morning” started at about noon- however, I was told the stars last night and the sunrise this morning were absolutely gorgeous. We awoke to the exciting task of putting the flying jib up, something which we have not had many chances to do so far. Once the flying jib was up, we cut the engine and continued along on sail power alone. After a delicious salad lunch prepared by Maddie and the sous chefs, we got started with classes.

Henry and Lucy did their oceanography presentations, and afterward, we had leadership class. In typical Henry fashion, Henry decided that one presentation wasn’t enough for him, so he also presented our latest leadership chapter with Emily. We then headed up on deck for an activity led by Shelby, where we threw imaginary “balls” at each other with the goal being to have all of the balls remaining at the end. The activity started simply enough, with a plain yellow ball. Slowly we added in more items, ranging from a screaming baby to hot coals. The activity was made all the more amusing when some of the item names were lost in translation, leading to interesting items such as a “chicken baby.”

Next, marine biology students received the grades for our papers and essays. We then learned about intertidal zones with Margaux as the chefs got started on dinner. Tonight, Maddie, Lucy, and Raul made a delicious meal of spicy peanut rice noodles with veggies. They also presented Steph with a balloon birthday crown (or sea turtle toy, as Ian called it) and we enjoyed some cake for her birthday. For the readers who have never met Steph, I would describe her as a real-life Pixar character, so her enthused reaction to all of this was incredibly entertaining. The sunset tonight was beautiful, and the sky is already beginning to shine brightly with stars, leaving the crew excited for another night’s watch.

Pictured: Putting up the jib and flying jib; Steph and Lucy with Steph’s cake and birthday hat.

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