Location: Underway to Vanuatu

Today was day three of the four-day passage from Fiji to Vanuatu, and it was a really good day. For the past few days, most of the students onboard Argo have been stressing about balancing homework, watch, chores, and sleep. The most common phrase on the boat at this point is “SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!!!!”… which is commonly followed up by students frantically looking for a source of caffeine. Even with the mass levels of sleep deprivation, everyone is trying to keep a positive attitude, so that we can all enjoy our time together out here. More than anything, it’s the strange yet funny moments that keep the morale up. For example, last night around three in the morning, Argo got a surprise visitor. A rough bird and his leftover sashimi (squid) dropped on the deck for a rest and to offer some of his food to us. Watch team three welcomed the bird and looked after him for the next hour and a half, and left him as a gift for watch teams one and two. Waking up to the bird and having him hang out until almost 9 am brought so much joy to each person, and really made the day feel so much brighter more than anything watching the bird fly away really meant something to each of the crew.

I think right now as a ship we are finally getting really close with one another on a deeper level. As each day goes on, we get our own personal jokes a little more, and we start to feel more comfortable doing our daily activities together. Just like our new bird friend, we have a long way to travel, but all of us are together, and we are finally letting our hair down, and becoming more ourselves.

Pictured: Evan, Garrison, and Frank on the bowsprit.Panos at the helm; Tim and Kari doing a boat check in the chart house under the red light at night.

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