Location: Under Way to Les Saintes

Today was a passage day: it was time to say goodbye to our lovely Dominica to sail to Les Saintes. The 7-hour passage was really smooth, and everybody made it safely without being seasick! This was our third passage with the sails up, and everybody handled it like a pro, with much more confidence and autonomy this time. Some of us even had the chance to drive the boat for a while. Im so proud of us! After some flying lettuce and a lot of wind, we arrive at our new location that is for sure as pretty and peaceful as the others. After a seamanship and an oceanography class, it was time to finish our first big essay. We end the day with a cake and a happy birthday song, and some good music to celebrate Desys twenty birthday. Once the night came, we had the chance to see some bioluminescence and a couple of shooting stars.

As a french canadian, Jai bien hte de dcouvrir cet le!