Location: Roro Reef, Fiji

Skipper Bridget here! We started our day by arriving at a new anchorage and eating a very yummy breakfast of eggs and cajun potatoes that were cooked by Gabe. Gabe gets extra credit for today’s breakfast because he started cooking at 5 am after having been on watch from 12 am-4 am. Today was also a very special day for one of our shipmates, Mia, because she turned 18! We celebrated her birthday by putting together a scavenger hunt for her and baking her a chocolate chip cookie cake in the shape of 18. Mia is such an integral member of this team because she always has such a positive attitude and brings joy to all of us around her.
The calm seas and sunshine today were such a blessing after the past few days have been cold and overcast. We all got in the water and really took advantage of the nice weather. Throughout the day, there was lots of studying going on since we have assignments and tests due every day for the next week. The sunset at night was gorgeous, and several of us were able to spot dolphins. The squeeze question tonight was what is your most embarrassing story, and people’s responses had us all laughing out loud. I think that Cole took the prize with the most laughs from his story of not knowing how to pee in a bottle when he was a child and was on a boat in Croatia.

I love and miss you so much, mom and dad! Thank you for supporting me and giving me this opportunity.

Our view underway.
Mia with her birthday cake.
Morgan, Jennifer, Bridget, Mia, Kai, Steph, and Eleanore eating dinner,
Cole, Gabe, Tyler, Kai, and Max going over what was for lunch.