Location: Kuata, Fiji

As the day comes to an end, I begin to think to myself, what shall I write about. I come up empty-handed. Our day consisted of plenty of things to write about, but nothing seems appealing to me. I’m experiencing some kind of writer’s block. I think thoughts of home, friends, and family. Homesickness creeps from the depths of the deep ocean. I begin to find wisdom in a very honorable soul, my octopus teacher. Combating these deep ocean nightmares with my newfound light. I sought Agro looking for adventure and discomfort, any chance to grow for my future chapters. I came in expecting this discomfort but am stumbling over homesickness. For context, I was home for a week this year, But here I am on Argo experiencing a community of individuals with more in common than a Scotsman and Irishman. Now that being said, I’m not saying we don’t get along. Our pursuit of a fair, loving, trusting, comfortable, and inclusivity is a staple community. We take this challenge and give our essence to achieving our goals. With the wind at our backs, we set course for one destination. Our mental and physical voyage has begun, and there is no stopping.

Living aboard Argo, interlocked emotionally and physically with those who surround you, provides a safety net like no other. Your companions transform to Ohana, watching your back through thick and thin. There will always be peaks and valleys in life. I am reminded of it every night, in bed, looking up and reading, “It comes in waves.” As we begin the next stage of our journey, tension is high. Anticipation for the hardest part of our adventure is just around the corner. Our newfound crew, the Argonauts, have the wind at our shoulders reminded that this voyage could and will go as far as we will take it. What we give in to this program will ultimately be what we take away. As we learn the ropes with each other and Argo, raise the sails, the horizon is the limit quite literally.

Wisdom comes in many forms. Crossing paths with my octopus teacher today. I had a journey into my psyche and thought many thoughts of my future. Just getting out of high school, surrounded by these older college kids. I wish to seek not just their wisdom but the wisdom of the staff as well. Looking at twenty-four different lives, planning for unknowns. I carefully analyze and understand each and every soul on board.

Anyways I’m sure your parents would like to know what shenanigans were going on today. We had our first major test. Hurray!! After studying diligently for our Marine Biology test, which we all killed. YIP YIP. We then had substitute teacher LOLO begin our NavMaster certification. We began this process by learning and experiencing charts and how to use them. After this time, we set sail from Denarau to Kuata. The whole crew stretched out and put our feet in the sand (metaphorically). Listening to the wind telling us stories. Observing the canvasses in the sky. The ocean rocking us holding us close. This pleasant afternoon came to an end by watching Moana.

Mom, Caroll, Tina, EJ, Toni, Josh, Kat, Zack, EM, Kendra, Jacob, Cam Cam, I love you! <3 I will see you all soon. It’s been a crazy year. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Take care and remember to get lost and get stranded live to your heart’s content! (Heart emoji) (Kissy Face emoji) (Cool sunglass swag emoji)

The glassy sea
Cole and his facial hair
Ky, E, and Morgan
Lolo and Ian admiring the scenery
Ky being goofy
Morgan, Annie, and me