Location: Phuket, Thailand

Happy Chrismukah! It is our mix of Christmas and Hanukah. We arrived back in Phuket around 3:30 am, but this time went to a new area, which was based around the Royal Phuket Yacht Club. The morning consisted of breakfast, cleanup, and retakes for any certification test. For those who were not retaking tests, the sails needed re-flaked, and sail covers put on. After all boat work was done, we were able to go ashore. The only thing planned for today was an optional football game on the beach, other than that it was up to each student. A few students stayed on board and enjoyed a quiet day on the boat and an early start to baking cookies. The afternoon consisted of baking cookies for our Chrismakuh celebration tonight. After dinner, we gathered in the saloon to exchange gifts in the style of a White Elephant exchange the favorite gifts of the night were a fuzzy leopard hat, a keychain with DJ’s face made out of bubbles, and the classics flag from the King’s Cup. After an amusing exchange of gifts, we all went up on deck to enjoy the delicious cookies baked earlier. Despite the sugar, we are attempting to go to bed early, as we have an exciting day of kayaking around some beautiful island planned as an excursion tomorrow!