Location: Phuket, Thailand

Today we went off on one last adventure together, a full-day sea kayaking trip around some beautiful islands nearby the photos speak for themselves, but the rock formations were awesome, and we all had a great day. So for my last day as Skipper, I decided to make my own Mad Lib for the squeeze. I wrote up the following and left 30 blanks for my trusty shipmates to fill in as I told them noun, adjective, verb, etc. The all CAPS words are the words of my fellow shipmates. At first, the ALANS of Argo had no idea what lay ahead of them. Whether it would be INSULTING or INTERESTING. 30 VICARIOUS BOATS sat in wonder on that first day. Each day past faster than the last. The WHEELS went diving and saw GOPHERS and JELLYFISH. They tried out their SHOOTING skills in Bali. Some, like WILL, excelled while Hans did not. Then DJ got a case of Gili NOSE, which most of us had the pleasure of DOING on the Kumai River. Not long after the Gili Gut incident, all the pollywogs became shellbacks when we CRIED at the equator. But first, we had to DANCE and SURF to please the King of Neptune, aka RESERVED Sam. Everybody sacrificed something to the King, varying from LIFE-RING to TOMATO. SEAN sacrificed his CAR. We drank RUM from the Royal Baby and gave her ARM a HAPPY rub. As the adventure progressed, bonds grew FAST, and everyone was much closer. We finally got some FONDLING in at the Kings Cup Race. We saw a few final OCEANS at the Similans, and now we are SPELUNKING our final goodbyes. With one final adventure today of BARHOPPING, we wrap up our SHINY adventure. We came into this not knowing what to expect and are leaving with FIRE! It’s been real, Seamester! Now it’s time for part three of my adventure. Sending love to my Pops and Mama Polly.