Location: Bequia

Today was our second day in Bequia. We woke up, had a marine biography class on sponges, and Cnidaria, then we went diving at a site called “Devil’s Table.” It was a shipwreck! We saw lots of fish, corals, sponges, and an army of lobsters under the bow. It was especially cool because we had just learned about a lot of the organisms in marine biology that morning. Once we got back from the dives, we had some delicious chicken Caesar wraps, courtesy of Kaitlyn. Then the girls stayed back and studied for our oceanography chemistry quiz that we have tonight, and the boys went to shore, and all bought ‘dinner pants’ because they were so jealous of our swag last night. Everyone is walking around the boat in new flowy, crazy printed pants and ‘Sail Fast, Live Slow’ t-shirts. It was a pretty chill day. For the nightly squeeze, everyone shared their simple pleasures in life. It’s always good to take a moment and enjoy the little things. Now everyone’s just cleaning up the boat after dinner, and then we’re going to have our OCE chem quiz. And that pretty much sums up the day!