Location: Bequia

Today started out with a bang! We all woke up at 7 am for our awesome breakfast of peanut butter tortillas stuffed with fruit loops made by our head chef of the day, Alex! After we cleaned up breakfast, we had our morning class, which was MTE (Seamanship) today. We reviewed lights, ship systems, and navigational buoyage for our upcoming midterm that we will have next week. For the rest of the morning, we had time to work on our research projects for our oceanography class. Some of us conducted plankton tows around Admiralty Bay to identify different types of plankton. Others went ashore to collect sediment samples and conduct beach profiles. The Divemaster candidates went for a dive with Tor to sharpen up on their practical skills that they are required to perform for their certifications. After lunch, we had an optional shore time. About half of us stayed aboard the good ship Ocean Star to study more or complete upcoming assignments while the other half went ashore to Port Elizabeth for one last chance to explore the terra firma they call Bequia. We were all back aboard by 1630 to get cleaned up and ready for dinner against a beautiful sunset…complete with a green flash! Tonight we have SLD, which is our leadership class, with Nick and Tor. However, tonight there is a change of venue, and we will be conducting class onshore! Today was a rock-solid day, and we are STOKED to put our stern to Bequia and set the sails for St. Vincent tomorrow!!