Location: St. Vincent

Today started off with delicious muffins for breakfast. After that, we had marine biology and a fish identification quiz. Immediately after class, we launched into passage prep to begin our trip to St. Vincent. We did something different today and raised three of our sails before raising the anchor and sailing off the anchor for the first time. Lunch was underway, and it was burritos, Captain’s favorite. We arrived in St. Vincent around 2:30, and we tied up to a mooring ball for the first time instead of dropping anchor. Once we were tied up, we did a quick hull wash before some students went on a small hike to the top of a nearby island while the rest of us stayed on the boat to rest up and study. We just finished our second breakfast (French toast and eggs for dinner) and are all looking forward to SLD class tonight because Kaitlin is going to teach us all how to do the worm for her how-to presentation. It has been an awesome day, and we all can’t wait to see what’s in store for us tomorrow.