Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

Halloween started out a bit spooky this morning as the crew of our ghostly pirate ship was awoken with a fright to thestrange sounds of a Halloween inspired song (carefully hand picked by Barkats last night). Everyone quickly got in the spiritof things as the saloon was meticulously decorated at some point late in the night with hand drawn Jack o lanterns and spider webs.

We got right into things with a Marine Biology Exam which marks the last of our midterms. After everyone finished up we quickly kitted up and down to the depths of Davey Jones’ locker we went for our very first deep dive. Not without a few of us painting our facesas deadpeople… with some zinc of course. Although many reported being a bit creeped out or nervous to hit a whoping 100 ft, everyone surfaced happy and excited for another new accomplishment. Only one dive left before we have 11 newly certified Advanced Divers.

Once diving was complete, everyone hit the town to explore Saint Pierre and pick up some French pastry treats. After a couple hours it was back onboard for showers then everyone donned their costumes for dinner. Amongst the crew we have some very trendy hippies, hobos, team America, a Pippi Longstocking, a pirate wench of course, a cat, a crabber and a bunch of dead zombie faces. We even had Cole dressed up as Nick while Kaitlin dressed up as myself, pretty spot on I must say.

Now the staff impatiently awaits the candy and cake as the shipmates have a quick Oceanography class on waves with Carolyn then its finally trick or treat time in the cockpit. Must have candy now.