Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

This morning we were woken up at the usual 7 o’clock and made our way up on deck for some delicious pancakes with bananas. After breakfast was finished and clean up was completed, everyone got ready for a day of hiking at Mount Pele. We hopped in a taxi caught from downtown and made our way up to the beginning of the trail. Our hike was a steep one, to say the least, but we completed it, and that’s something to be proud of for sure. After a couple of hours of hiking, our crew was rewarded with some sweet ice cream and french fries at the bottom of the mountain at a little cafe. We caught a taxi back into town, where we were able to have some shore time for a little bit. Some headed straight to the bakery for some delicious baguettes, where our fellow crew-mate, Duncan, downed two loaves in about 15 minutes, while others took the time to walk around and explore. We were picked up by the dinghies and headed back to the lovely Ocean Star. We got shower time going where fellow mates were teaching others how to back-flip… aka me. Belly flops are absolutely no fun, but I’m going to keep going for it! Dinner consisted of some awesome fajitas with pineapple, and the squeeze question of the night was what kind of trait do you admire about the person to your right. To complete the night, we had MTE class taught by our rad captain, Tor, and our sick 1st mate, Nick! Everyone’s legs were feeling a lot like noodles, so off to bed, everyone went!