Location: Seychelles

Happy Halloween, everyone! Today has been a busy and exciting day here on Vela. The day began as we woke up to our first sight of land on the horizon. The mountains here in the Seychelles are tall and beautiful, and they were a welcome sight after so many days on passage. Some dolphins also came to welcome us! We saw several different boats upon our arrival and worked hard to ensure that we were in a safe spot before finally anchoring. Anchoring here also meant that many of us finally had cellular service again, so we took the opportunity to call home for the first time in weeks.

In order to settle well here in Seychelles, we also had a visit from a local health officer. As he worked to ensure that we were healthy and safe, we had some great conversations from afar with the crew in charge of the boat which brought him. They gave us a warm welcome to Seychelles and even shared a bit about the languages spoken here.

With the free time we had after anchoring and lunch, many of us took the opportunity to swim outside the boat. The current was strong, so it was certainly a workout! We also took this time to put together some last-minute Halloween costumes. We had quite a variety of styles! Myra and Mo switched things up by dressing as each other, Finley and Trey dressed as pirates, Smudge was Finley’s parrot, and Dylan was an Ikea employee. Additionally, we had some toothless Joes, cowgirls, and frat boys. Many of us agreed that this was the best Halloween we had ever had. After a great squeeze, we turned and howled at the full moon as a group.

Thank you all for reading! We look forward to seeing you in a month and a half!

Photos by Dylan Hardt.

1. Pirates, Zac, Trey, and Fin with their parrot smudge

2. Gillian, Trey, Sierra

3. Seyshelle hills over sunset

4. Our first view of land

5. Watch team 1 wild

6. Watch team 1 profesional