Location: Seychelles

For the first time in 21 days, the crew woke up from a deep sleep at anchor. A familiar 7 am breakfast and preempted a full day of Boat Appreciation BA. Down in the salon, we cleaned everything from the bilges to the ceiling. Angie and Jess cleaned all the cabinets while Sam, Danar, and Val scrubbed below benches. I took to the dishes, bleaching everything we touched or ate with. . In the cabins, Shona cracked the whip and ensured everyone’s bunks and cubbies were the cleanest they have been yet. While the headmaster cleaned the heads(bathrooms)., Max Emily and Sam entertained themselves by vacuuming their hair to make funky hairstyles like punks.

On deck, Henry and Robbie deep cleaned the propane locker while Zack attacked the lazarette. There was a massive effort from everyone to get the deck looking shiny and spotless. Sam and Val, on the other hand, got a surprise cool down while scrubbing the hull by falling in the water from the dinghy. We mustered for a picnic lunch, eating all the leftovers and a lot of nuts and Pringle’s. Pringle’s in Nutella was the favorite of Val, our resident sweet tooth.

That night we had a passage debrief, talking about all the positive things we achieved on passage the last 3 weeks and all we hope to achieve in the next one. At a squeeze, we gave our appreciation and what we are most excited for in the Seychelles. Answers ranged from coming back to the boat with a new appreciation for “home,” Exploring and hiking the gorgeous landscape around us, and most importantly, eating snacks.



1. Robbie, Zac trey (photo credit Dylan)

2. Trey (photo credit Dylan)

3. Val rust busting

4. Sierra rust busting