Location: Antigua

This morning we woke up to the beautiful view of Antigua. We ate breakfast happily tied to a dock at last. We then went into Boat Appreciation time in which we cleaned O Star and gave back some love to thank her for the safe travels over the ocean. We scrubbed the deck and cap rails, cleaned out the galley and the black hole (which Mike got temporarily stuck in) and made sure O Star was looking sexy. After that we had Oceanography with Laurie and we got treats at the end which her sister Emma bought for us! YAY CANDY! Then, after everyone was on a sufficient sugar high, we all dispersed into Antigua for shore time. Most of the crew ended up at the same spot for lunch and internet. We all met back on the boat to get ready for dinner and after dinner we had MTE class with Kevin which we just finished. We had to chart a whole bunch of courses and currents which was fun but hard because we were all very tired. We got through it though and now I’m very glad to say I’m going to bed. Goodnight O Star.