Location: Musket Cove, Fiji

Today’s skipper ushered in a new age for Argon society. They questioned the bounds of what is and isn’t a skipper’s duty and perhaps even redefined the word “skipper” itself. Skipper waker upper, yes, but also an inspiration, entertainer, and documentarian. Enough cannot be said of the immense joy that Argo felt under this new leadership, especially at an especially jarring wakeup to the jazzy theme of Monster’s Inc. New policies included the implementation of a “skipper surprise“ and a new, energizing way of ending announcement time. This unnamed individual may even go down in history as the most successful skipper of all time.

The day itself started off with a healthy dose of banana bread (is it still Gabana bread if Gabe didn’t make it)? Pending an absence of updates on the QR-ization of our test results and Indonesian Visas, we jumped into a morning of Marine Biology and Seamanship. Although the skipper may have lost consciousness for the briefest of moments during Marine Bio, topics answered some of philosophy’s greatest uncovered truths, such as “what is and isn’t a member of the phylum Chordata?” and “what defines the different classes of Echinoderms?” During Seamanship, we all underwent a transformation into masters of three bearing fixes.

After lunch, we began a second transformation into that of Emergency First Responders. After a lecture from Lolo, we got our hands, and in some cases, our lips, on some CPR dummies. Ian (picture below with his new “friend”) failed to realize that we don’t go lip to lip while giving rescue breaths. We then ran through some rescue scenarios on deck, which included antics such as Kylie’s deadly bee allergy, the manic screams of a Tyler who “didn’t understand” that the love of his life, Annie, was being rescued and unconscious but breathing Max, who was left to die alone on deck as rescuers failed to come to his aid.

We finally enjoyed a serene swim to the sandbar, which had appeared just minutes before, for dinner. We laughed, we cried, we ate, and we bled (photo below). As the sunset in the distance, we sat in the sand enjoying Steph’s risotto (authentically cooked with arborio rice and love), with the ocean lapping at our toes. Speaking of toes, one of this skipper’s new duties was collecting data for a Foot ID Quiz of Argo’s inhabitants. Many students were surprisingly unfazed by the data collection, but others were rightfully resistant (at first). In the end, a full album of student’s toes was documented for generations and taxonomists to come. As you may have heard, we spend almost all our time on Argo barefoot and so frequently are in close proximity to one another’s feet. Some toes have even been named: Marianas Trench (Max), Quasimoto (Eleanor), and Humpty Dumpty (Kylie). Many discussions have been dedicated to a comparison of the different types of feet on board, and many of us can now identify one another by feet alone. Now, can you identify your loved ones by their feet?

Although we will all take an ID quiz on board, only a few brave volunteers are pictured below. Answers will come in tomorrow’s edition of Argo: Adventures at Sea (2021).

P.S. Hi to everyone at home, miss you a lot. Special shoutout to Alex, who started his open water diver certification today!

1. Ian enjoying EFR class
2. I dunno a boat or something
3. Kylie and Morgan Dancing
4. Kylie, Eleanor, Tyler, and Morgan on the sandbar
5. Tyler’s frisbee injury(don’t worry, he’s ok now!)
6. The most beautiful man on the boat
7. Aidan and Catherine focusing on charting
8. Chloe and Annie not focusing on charting
9. Ian, Chloe, and Ian
10. Mia, Chloe, Bridget, and Ian posing in front of a soon to be green flash
11. Assorted shipmates
12. Mia, Chloe, Max, Gabe, Annie Sandbar Selfie
13-29. Feet (Volunteers: Annie, Max, Kylie, Gabe, Tim, Eleanor, Bridget, Megan, Catherine, Ian, Mia, Steph, Aidan, Pierce, Tyler, Will, and Cole)