Location: Malolo, Fiji

Today started out like every other morning, with waking up at 7:00 am. Once we were up and ready for the day, we had Mia’s famous chia pudding for breakfast (made by head chef Max and sous chefs Cole and Amanda). After breakfast, we had a breakfast squeeze since we were not able to have a squeeze the night before due to our dinnertime sandbar picnic. Yesterday’s Skipper, Max, asked everyone what their favorite throw-up story was after they said their appreciation for the day. After hearing 25 people talking about throwing up, it definitely helped my breakfast settle. 😉 Once we completed squeeze, we went in to clean up, then Oceanography class. After oceanography, we went into our emergency first responder course that we are taking for our rescue diver certification. We learned a lot in class and then went on deck to practice what we learned. Let me tell you, Argo has some great actors! I have never heard some meow while getting treated like Pierce did. The commotion nine “injured” people can create on deck is impressive! After we completed our scenarios, we went into lunch, then Leadership class. In leadership, we had an intriguing debate about technology and how it is impacting our communities. Once we completed our leadership class, everyone who wants to get their Rescue Diver Certification met on deck to start the course. We practiced throw rescues and reach rescues for tired and panicked divers. It was a lot of fun! In fact, if you ask Ian, “You are in very good hands… potentially“ and if you ask Cole, you have to “KEEP YOUR EYES ON ME!”. Following the very entertaining rescue diver session, we had jump-in showers and then dinner. Once dinner was done, we had our second squeeze for the day, where we said our appreciation for the day and the best advice we were given. Shortly, we will be having a movie night where we will be watching the PADI Rescue Diver videos. Overall, it was another great day on Argo.

P.S. Hi Mom, Dad, Paul, and Scotty!
P.P.S. Annie B., Annie M. says Happy Birthday from Fiji!!

Alrighty, folks! I have the answers you have been waiting for, for the Foot ID Quiz!!
1. Max
2. Gabe
3. Eleanor
4. Megan
5. Ian
6. Steph
7. Pierce
8. Cole
9. Will
10. Tyler
11. Aidan
12. Mia
13. Catherine
14. Bridget
15. Tim
16. Kylie
17. Annie

1. Majority of Argo’s crew gathering for dinner
2. Pierce exemplifying why the rescue diver certification exists
3. Ian and Cole relaxing on fenders
4. Cole rescuing Morgan
5. Max and Gabe in the Galley
5. Morgan throwing a throwable life ring
6. Pierce rescuing Jennifer
8. Caleigh enjoying the martingale
9. Annie living her best life on Argo