Location: Gustavia, St. Barth's

Today was a good day for everyone. Most people went to the beach to go surfing all day. Danny and I stayed back for some down time and helped out with provisioning for the next week. From the stories told, most everyone caught a wave after Jake’s excellent instruction on how to surf for his Student Leadership Presentation. Some people also collected some of the best sea glass that we have found on this trip so far! Many of us want to learn how to wrap sea glass with wire to attach onto necklaces like Kevin makes. Maybe one day he will show us?! At about 3 most people came back from the beach which is when we went off provisioning with Tor. After we got all the fresh food back into its place down below, we all showered and got ready for the night as we had a Thanksgiving dinner out at a restaurant. Unfortunately there was no turkey, but there was some amazing chicken, green beans mashed potatoes and even gravy! Not having Thanksgiving with my family was unfortunate, but having it with this crew was a great bonding experience and one I wont ever forget. Happy Thanksgiving to all near and far!