Location: Underway to Fernando de Noronha

For almost a week straight, we’ve had daily dance parties on deck with our watch teams to the oddest, most amusing, and perfect music you can imagine. We’ve danced to everything from A-ha’s ‘Take On Me,’ 90’s rap songs, Motown hits, to ‘Call Me Maybe.’ I’ll admit, some of our dance moves are hard to describe, especially Del’s interesting gyrations while he helms, so it’s probably a good thing we’re in the middle of the Atlantic. I wouldn’t want anyone thinking we were weird or anything.
Today, we had our best main takedown yet. Almost every part of the process flowed smoothly, and it’s evidence of the fact that everyone from so many different backgrounds and experience levels is getting to know Argo as a cohesive unit. The word ‘camaraderie’ has been thrown around a lot lately, and I like to think that our flaked mainsail is evidence of that. Unfortunately, that also means that the winds have died down to the point that keeping the main up while making course almost dead downwind isn’t working for us, so it’s back to relying completely on our motor. I can’t wait to someday put up our six sails and do a passage that way.
So, a bit about that class called PSCT that a few of us bloggers have mentioned: Four of us are taking this class with Kris, our captain, as the instructor. I’ve just finished my first exam in ColRegs, the Collision Rules and Regulations, which is the hardest of the exams; “it’s required that test-takers pass that one with 90%. These exams make up the theory portion to become an IYT 200 Ton Master of Yachts, for which the four of us are studying. Many, many hours have gone into preparing for the first test, and from here, we are studying Law. After this 90-day journey comes to a close, those of us who pass all of the tests will be able to take the practical exam at some point after the trip. If we pass that, we’ll be licensed captains! Scary thought, eh?
I’m still full from a fabulous dinner and dessert that, in honor of Valentine’s Day, our lovely staff member Marina baked for us. Imagine a gigantic chocolate chip cookie sheet that’s baked like a brownie but cut up into 24 large, square portions. Delicious. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than in the middle of the Atlantic with some wonderful new friends and South America beckoning to us from just a few days away.