Location: Underway

Cuba was a wonderful surprise for everyone aboard Argo. For those that haven’t been, the country and people were beautiful and friendly, for those returning, the changes impressive. After an early check out at the marina and then immigration docks, the crew was underway to the Bahamas. The morning sail raise continued the one-man challenge with crew members attempting to solo raise the main, main staysail and forward staysail. The workout proved to be quite intense, but smiles and high fives could be seen all over the deck following the event. Once everything was set, and the official course announced our speeds began to creep up as we approached and entered the Gulf Stream. Even though this is a 400 nautical mile passage, the trip should not take long as the current gives us an extra few knots of speed. Now, as the sun sets, with a green flash for the finale, our speeds begin to top over ten knots.