Location: Underway

As we cross into day 3 of our passage to the Cape Verdes, we mark the projected half way point of this current passage, and I must say time is flying! In comparison to our last lengthy passage ( Gibraltar to Safi ) this has been a pleasure, with down wind sailing just the way I like it, mellow seas, and a positive atmosphere on board these miles just melt away. No longer do we look to the ETA, rather we look to the horizon for a beautiful sunset and sunrise every evening and morning, each more captivating than the last, Photographic proof does no justice. It would appear as though our crew is settling in to passage life just fine, Classes are running smoothly although we all bite our nails at the thought of our fast approaching mid-term exams, still we press on happy as can be. With no sea sickness to report thus far underway, I think it’s safe to say we are all having the time of our lives out in the middle of nowhere.

Shout out to my people.