Location: Tobago Cays

Today was our first full day in the Tobago Cays and what a day it was is. Perfect weather, beautiful islands, one of which was Jack Sparrowand’s rum island in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and clears waters filled with marine life including all the sea turtles you could imagine. This morning kicked off with a 6:30am navigation dive for the first dive group followed by a big French toast breakfast and MTE class. The rest of the day everyone got to do pretty much whatever they wanted. People were checking out the islands, windsurfing, snorkeling, doing flips off the boat, and catching up on some fun in the sun. After lunch a big group went to Jack Sparrow’s island and reported it being awesome. I didn’t go but it is on my to do list for tomorrow. Here is a little overview of my day: Breakfast and class were finished by 9:30. After that I went snorkeling with my research group to collect data for our fire coral project. I got back to the boat in time to do some fish logging in my ID logbook and do little a reading before lunch. After lunch I did a couple back-flips of the boat and did some more reading on the boat for the next hour. Then I tried windsurfing again and finally got the hang of it, tomorrow I will practice my jibes and tacks. When I was done windsurfing I was exhausted so I laid down on the boat for a little reading/nap session. When I woke up I went down to the saloon to do some more fish IDs and start a paper. I then had a delicious lasagna dinner. I have to go because now I have a night snorkel. On the way here I heard captain Eric refer to this place as heaven on earth. I understand what he meant.