Location: Underway to Mauritius

The first night of our newly reformed watch system was a huge success. Instead of the original three watch teams, we have now added a whole extra watch team, and this means more time to sleep or to do Oceanography. I think the change in watch team was received very well. Watch team conversations are a lot of fun, and with this restart, you can get to know even more about everyone on this boat.
If today were to have a theme, it would definitely be the ocean. Apart from the Indian Ocean throwing us around in our bunks, during bow watch, or standing in line for dinner (the deck got greasy, resulting in a hilarious slip ‘n slide), we also had our Midterm for Oceanography today. Also, today was the first of many days without seeing any land. Rations on all the snacks are being installed, even though most of us were already out before leaving Cocos. Seasickness was kept at bay, for the most part, today, with a few exceptions, unfortunately. The food was again delicious and, since that determines most of the morale onboard, today was a good day for most of us.

Coordinates: 01259.27’S 9313.94’E