Location: Underway to Mauritius

Today went off with a sudden bang as we continued into the third day of our two-week passage. In preparation for the days to come, the crew set out with scrub brushes and spray bottles to give Argo a little bit of well-deserved “boat appreciation.” We split off into our newly formed watch teams and set out to clean our trusty vessel. After a few hours and many bottles of cleaning fluid later, Argo was looking (and smelling) better than ever.
Throughout the day, we were blessed with a consistent southeasterly wind that has been keeping us moving at a great pace on our way to Mauritius. Furthermore, the weather seems to be looking up for the days ahead; good news for the more seasick among us.

The day ended with a delicious chicken and potato curry that kept us warm as the sun went down and the wind picked up, leading us into our next round of night watches.

Until next time, keep it wavy out there. – Aiden

Coordinates: 01341.68’S 9026.58’E