Location: Underway to Mauritius

As day four of passage comes to a close, the “underway lifestyle” we’ve adopted seems to be getting more familiar by the second. Sliding across the deck while trying to salvage your plate of food, food being thrown around by Argo during class, and head showers turning into a balancing act have all become second nature now. While four days may have felt like an eternity on our last passage, it now pales in comparison to what’s ahead. Everyone seems to be settling into their new watch teams, especially because we’ve now gone from four-hour watches to three (the extra hour of sleep is genuinely life-changing). After lunch, we had class, and we scheduled our classes as a group for the next two weeks. We also took our second round of Hibiclens showers today to make sure that we stay as clean as possible for our two-week passage. Between the waves, stars, sunrises, and sunsets, I’ve seen shades of blues, pinks, and oranges that I’ve never seen before. The stars here are absolutely incredible, yet humbling to think that our group of 31 unique and quirky personalities is a mere blip in the universe. I miss my family, friends, and pets very much, but I can’t wait to share all the amazing experiences and stories that I’ve accumulated with them.

Happy birthday eve Serafina, miss you mucho!

Your skipper,

Coordinates: 01426.75’S 8811.25’E