Location: 14 50.55'S 7 52.25'W

Its day two of passage to Fernando de Noronha, and everyone seems to feel relatively good about what to expect on passage and how to handle it. The day started off being very warm out, and we aren’t even near the equator, which is concerning to those who get hot easily. But with the air conditioning on, it made having classes bearable. After classes, people started studying for the VHF exam and our Oceanography quiz. Today was also the first day of our new job wheel, which tells everyone what their job will be for the day, and one of the new jobs for us was to be head chef for the whole day, and it went surprisingly smooth for the first one. Daniel, Nick, and Jeremy with breadmaker Julian cooked up two delicious meals, a significant achievement for first-time student chefs! Staff members now join the same wheel as students, a sign that we are really part of the crew and equally responsible for her upkeep.